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2011/34 Zaton near Dubrovnik - Old mill houses complex in the bay

Код : 2011/34


Адрес :

Дубровник, Далмация, Хорватия

Дополнительные характеристики

Цена продажи : 2 .000 .000 €

Описание :

Жилая площадь : 1420 m²
Площадь участка : 1180 m²
Расстояние от моря : 5 m



Property,wich is situated on the sprig of fresh water,consist of two houses and is situated in the bay of Zaton in vicinity of Dubrovnik(7 km). Airport 30 minutes. One house is an old mill build in 1877,restored ,serves as a dam for fresh water lake behind the house on northern side of the property ; while on the southern side is in the direct contact with sea. The house it self, has one floor and consist of the main house and servan’t house (aprox. 720 sq. Meters or 7.750 sq.ft),with large verandah in front,wich all together gives ground surface of 779m2 or 8.385 sq ft.

The second one floor house with aprox. 700 sq meters or 7.500 sq ft ,with ground surface or 4.300 sq .ft or 400 sq meters ,is situated on the front sea line ,closes the small bay thus making it ideal mooring for the yacht. On the Northeast corner there is another sprig of the extra quality water,wich belongs to the house. The issuing of the location permit for both houses is in process.


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